The Beach Hut Residencies

The Beach Hut Residencies

The Beach Hut stood on Victoria Harbour. Only 9ft sq., each week it welcomed a different artist in residence over the summer season. The Beach Hut also doubled as our Solar Cinema, a workshop venue and a camera obscura.

2014 Beach Hut artist in residence Emma Herman-Smith A gifted environmental artist, Emma used the beach to plot a journey of a thousand miles across Scotland in remembrance of John Muir’s 1,000 mile walk in America. To engage people with the environment she asked people to pledge miles that they would walk in the landscapes she had never, and may never experience. She developed the Milestones project to encourage people to get out and walk just one or dozens of miles; returning to somewhere that was very special to them, walking somewhere they had always wanted to see or simply walking down the road to somewhere close to home and familiar.

Visitors to the hut were each given a piece of porcelain clay to make a small toggle sized pebble, a sensory way of creating something that the walkers could be given for their journeys so that they could return something to the earth.


2013 Walking a Line in the Year of Natural Scotland

23rd June – 29th June | James W. Norton

A Cambridge-based fine artist, James will be starting off our artist residencies, painting on canvas with oils and local naturally occurring pigments. James will be working towards our Autumn Salon Exhibition.

30th June – 6th July | Hannah Imlach

Hannah will create landscape installations using reflective, magnifying, transparent and translucent materials in order to alter our perception of the world around us. Climb into, walk and visit her work.

7th July – 13th July | Keiko Mukaide

Keiko is an Edinburgh-based Japanese artist interested in community interaction and engagement; she plans to make origami using an old dictionary: reforming language.

14th July – 20th July | Emma Herman-Smith

Taking Walking a Line literally, Emma will be gathering lines from the landscape and making drawings from them, evolving and involving, a length of drawing becoming a series of castings or relief studies.

21st July – 27th July | Sheree Mack

Writer Sheree Mack opens the Beach Hut for tea, coffee, cake and conversations, inviting visitors to share their memories and stories of walking the land of the area. Daily from 2pm.

28th July – 2nd August | Carl Gent

Theory of the Earth – Carl will be re-imagining of 18th century geologist James Hutton’s revelatory and pivotal trip around the Berwickshire coast to Siccar Point. Updates at

10th August – 17th August | Kirsty Louise Jones

Kirsty will be re-telling the story of Bass Rock’s separation from the coastline, leaving Barn Ness Lighthouse in darkness. Join us as we attempt to span the gap between these two magnificent beacons.

18th and 19th August | The Beach Hut Camera Obscura

Not content with being a cinema, The Beach Hut will become a camera! Kenny Bean will install a giant camera obscura and hold workshops for children to discover and draw Dunbar on a large scale.

Free/ The Beach Hut, Victoria Harbour, Dunbar 11-5pm both days