Emily Illet and Ashanti Harris, Artists in Residence

On Wednesday 24th July we walked from North Berwick to Dunbar along the John Muir way. We started very early in the morning chasing a sea mist and reached Dunbar mid afternoon. Along the way we watched the changing colours of the crops in the field and made small leaf interventions in woodland.

The day after, Dunbar was misty and the tide was further out than the last time we came. We saw the rocks again where we had counted limpets and talked about painting them all blue on our first visit to Dunbar. We wanted to do something here, some gesture of presence. There were stones everywhere, amongst the shells. We stood balancing rocks on our heads, small piles of stones, each resting on the one below, resting on our head. We couldn’t balance the stones unless we let go, relaxed into the stillness. We stood looking out to see for a long time, being rock. We stood until the tide came in to where we were standing and wet our feet with its sudden dash to the shore.

Later in the day we stood together close to the edge of rock and moved where the wind leant against us. We had our eyes closed. The wind was surprisingly gentle, it was difficult to know where it was coming from. We felt it against the palms of our hands and how it spiralled our hair. When we opened our eyes the horizon had disappeared into mist.

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Images: Emily Ilet and Ashanti Harris ©2013 Emily Illet