‘Walking A Line’ in the Year of Natural Scotland

Walking-1 Walking-2 Walking-3North Light Arts Walking a line was a two month season of activity within the environment of Dunbar in 2013. Funded by Creative Scotland for the Year of Natural Scotland we linked with John Muir’s Birthplace as they celebrated the centenary of the publication of John Muir, My Boyhood and Youth. The ambitious programme consisted of: a number of artist-led guided walks will offer the possibility of connecting with local specialists: the Countryside Rangers, geologists, marine and natural biologists. A number of week long residencies will be offered from our Beach Hut, while a number of other sitprogramme–021es are being developed for the staging of work as the season evolves. Our artist in residence, Alastair Cook, has been invited to work from McArthur’s Store on the old harbour throughout the summer and will be working with wet plate collodion and other photographic techniques. North Light Arts will develop this public arts project in partnership with Filmpoem, East Lothian Council Arts and Museum Services, John Muir’s Birthplace, Dunbar Harbour Trust, Sustaining Dunbar, Incredibly Edible Dunbar and Dunbar Community Woodland. Walking a Line will begin on 22nd June and continue thought July and August 2013. Download the programme as a PDF Document (8.1Mb)

Walking a Line Residencies

“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” John Muir 22nd June – 25th August | Alastair Cook, Artist in Residence Alastair will be working within the fishing community, focusing his lens on the next generation of fishermen; McArthur’s Store, Dunbar Open at weekends throughout the summer | www.alastaircook.com 23rd June – 29th June | Luca Nasciuti at McArthur’s Store Luca will be working on a series of sound installations, making binaural recordings within the harbour of Dunbar. www.lucanasciuti.com 22nd June – 25th August | Emily Ilett & Ashanti Harris Ashanti and Emily will be visiting Dunbar throughout the summer. Keep up to date with their visits and interventions at www.northlightarts.co.uk 25th July – 28th July | Guinevere Glasfurd at McArthur’s Store Atween land and sea, atweesh thought and thinking – moments that arrive, dissolve, and disappear. Words along the John Muir Way. 26th July – 5th August | Judith Dekker flâneur: “a person who walks the city in order to experience it” (Charles Baudelaire) Judith is a photographer and filmmaker | www.judithdekker.nl 11th – 17th August | Stevie Ronnie’s Book Apothecary Stevie is an artist and writer from Northumberland. His Book Apothecary is a travelling artist book museum | www.stevieronnie.com