John Muir Country Park | RBGE Library

John Muir Country Park | RBGE Library

25 April 2015

Here the blog from yesterday and today.
It was such a beautiful day on Thursday I took the chance to explore on foot a path I had been on several times by bike.
The John Muir way starting from Belhaven was glorious along by the Estuary. Philip from Sustaining Dunbar had given me a tipoff that there was a seam of good clay down by the stream so I took a small bag and a trowel with me to collect some. It is by far the greyest of the soil samples I have so far.
Today was spent mostly on reading at the RBGE library. It really became clear to me here how huge a subject soil science really is. I have come away with the insight that I can only hope to scratch the surface of this enormously complex subject.

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