John Muir's Birthday | Bokashi workshop

John Muir’s Birthday | Bokashi workshop

20 April 2015
Blog update:
On Saturday during the John Muir birthday weekend celebrations I held a workshop in the Town House introducing a technique for making soil that is up to five times faster than the normal approach.
Bokashi composting with folk was really fun- we got stuck into chopping up bags and bags worth of kitchen waste- importantly fresh and not rotten, along with garden waste and other clippings donated by the wonderful Belhaven Community Garden.
After a 1cm layer of green material was added we sprinkled on a handful of Bokashi Bran, a specially treated mixture which kick starts the fermenting process. This is almost exactly opposite to the conventional composting system, using anaerobic microbes rather than aerobic so we used damp newspaper after finishing to seal off our concoction to the air. Once the material is added you fasten on the air tight lid, and the process begins- usually taking up to two weeks to ferment.
This process is stage one. Once fermented, you pour the Bokashi mixture into a dug out hole in your garden and cover up with the displaced earth. The native microorganisms, fungi, microbes, bacteria and usual suspects such as earthworms, beetles and other creatures, process the material, breaking it down within 12 weeks.
This can then be planted on, offering wonderful nutrient rich soil to your plants. Seeds can be down directly on top of this soil once you’ve added it although apparently seedlings do not fare so well.
We now have two Bokashi bins filled and ready for fermenting and are looking forward to using the byproduct – a fermented concentrated liquid, or Bokashi Tea- to water the plants during the exhibition.
Many thanks to all who came along on Saturday, we will order more bran soon for all those who wish to continue with their buckets.