Garden Lane 2016 opportunities

Garden Lane 2016 opportunities

North Light Arts are very excited to be able to offer opportunities to artists whose environmental practice is participatory, artist’s who work with the environment and can help us to deliver our exciting new project at Garden Lane.

With East Lothian Arts Service we are in the process of developing the John Muir Residency 2016 and events, workshops and projects in connection with the development of a new community garden and outdoor environmental arts space at our new Garden Lane project, the Backlands Dunbar.

We are looking for environmental artists who have an interest in the work of North Light Arts; in public art and participatory practice, sustainability, horticulture, food production, recycling and repurposing materials, biodiversity, heritage and community.

The garden site is located behind Dunbar High Street, strips of land off Garden Lane a name that hints at their heritage. Currently the lane is just a thoroughfare from the High Street to the supermarket and car park but this is a key historical site, the area being on the same ground as the gardens of an early monastery for the Trinitarians (Red Friars), which was founded 1240 to 1248; the site still retains small traces of the ‘Monks Walk’. Historically the site is known to have been in continuous cultivation and we aim to restore some of the heritage varieties which would have been grown in the locality as mentioned in various historic records and briefly in John Muir’s autobiography from his childhood years in Dunbar.

We plan to engage the community in the process of researching and developing ideas for this inspiring site and the potential this outdoor environmental arts space offers; perhaps for a shelter, perhaps a project space for participatory workshops, events and public art works. We are collaborating with The Ridge who are developing the community garden as a horticultural training centre and they are currently working on the adjacent site to develop a market garden and a produce market. We also hope to work with as many recycled and repurposed materials as possible working in close connection with Zero Waste Town Dunbar.

We are looking for artists whose environmental practice is participatory, artist’s who work with the environment to deliver workshops and those who work with themes of horticulture, heritage, health and well being, biodiversity and sustainability.

If you are interested in working with North Light Arts please send your CV with Six images of your work and explain how you could work with us to deliver our ambitions for the garden at Garden Lane.


Rosalie Monod de Froideville – NorthLight 2012