Travelling Plant Menagerie | John Muir Day 2016

Travelling Plant Menagerie | John Muir Day 2016


‘Travelling Plant Menagerie’ | John Muir Day Celebration 23 April 2016

North Light Arts are really pleased to announce that Kathy Beckett is the artist for the John Muir Residency 2016, she has been  commissioned by East Lothian Arts Service for the Garden Lane project | linked to Cultivate a Grow Wild project for Kew gardens.

Creative Workshop with Kathy Beckett throughout ‘Garden Lane’ and Dunbar High Street

On the 23April, to celebrate the Philosophies of John Muir, artist in residence, Kathy Beckett will be collecting people’s ideas for how the garden at Garden Lane can grow.

Roaving 11.00 to 2.00pm
Keep your eyes peeled at Garden Lane, along the High Street and East Beach for a Travelling Plant Menagerie and botanical ink drawing station. This is the first of many activities in the town which hope to contribute to a communal design for potential art installations in the Ridge’s Backlands Regeneration at Garden Lane.

2.30 to 3.30 FREE Workshop Dunbar Town House
Later, drop into the townhouse to visit Kathy at the Community Room and offer your inspiration to this exciting outdoor space. Contribute to a large scale drawing with botanical inks and use mineral pigments to make marks and sketch out your ideas for how art can be part of the garden.

All part of the Backlands Regeneration project in collaboration with The Ridge
North Light Art’s John Muir Artist Residency commissioned by East Lothian Council Arts Service.

Free to All ages: Saturday 23April – 11.00 to 3.30pm

Further Information to follow