COAST by Donald Urquhart + Plankton Project

April 2017 Dunbar Primary School & Dunbar Town House

Really pleased to be part of the Plankton exhibition commissioned by Donald Urquhart in connection with his installation on Dunbar’s Victoria harbour. Selected flags will be displayed in the community room of Dunbar Town House to open on the same day as Donald’s exhibition.

North Light Arts completed five amazing days in Dunbar Primary School in connection with Donald Urquhart’s public art work for The Battery on Dunbar Harbour. The two incredible artists Linda Greig and Anna Davis from Dunbar worked with each of the classes for one full day, creatively helping the students to learn about and interpret the life of plankton. Linda led the research and had sourced some water from the harbour that had tiny specimens of the species of plankton that can be found in the waters around Dunbar.

Anna Davis developed the drawings of plankton the children had made into beautifully screen printed flags. Printed in shades of colour and blues in layers across the fabric, the darker the blue the deeper in the ocean the species of plankton was to be found. These flags were later to be displayed in Dunbar and at the primary school.


The students then studied the structure of different plankton through observational drawing and later by inventing and naming their own plankton. Traces were then made to take their drawings into mono printing and screen printing with Anna. The results were so good they will be displayed  in the Community Room of Dunbar Town House at the same time as Donald’s exhibition is being held here in March 2017.