Natural Magic

Natural Magic

This month we launched our new community project NATURAL MAGIC. Carey Douglass Carnegie is project manager on this exciting project will be inter-generational and will deliver a range of workshops, tea and cakes, linking the two amazing community gardens and natural space in Dunbar. We are working in collaboration with The Ridge and Sustaining Dunbar and aiming to use creativity to show how nature is magic and encourage all ages to share their stories, their experiences of nature, of growing, of growing up in this amazing natural environment we share – the same playground enjoyed by John Muir in his boyhood.

We began with a wonderful mindfulness workshop held amid the natural smells, textures and sounds of the beach. Emma Vance, of Relax Kids, worked with the After School Club and the children responded so well to the experience.

Rita Bradd worked with the Dunbar Dementia Carers group. She played the harp and read from her book of poems Salt and Soil.

Georgina Bown also worked with the Dunbar Dementia Carers Group to make sculptures of garden insects using coloured wire. Following the exhibition these will be hung in the Backlands Community Garden.

Apple Day at Belhaven Community Garden was a fabulous day that brought all generations together to gather the apples from the orchard. In a joint effort the apples were chopped for juicing and to make pies with were baked on site.
Allison Weightman made wonderful apple inspired ceramics with all ages She will also be making and firing some apples to be placed in the Belhaven Community Garden.

Karin Anderson from Miel Botanics held a sensory balms workshop at the Day Centre. Karin showed the participants how to distil the perfume – using rosemary to lift the mood and lavender to calm and then she melted the base of the balm into pots for everyone to test and to take home.

Jo McNamara and Susie Goodwin are working with the Beavers to personalise their growing bed at Belhaven Garden. inspired by the garden they will be painting insects flowers or animals.

Debbie Zawinski will be working with the after school club who will visit the Backlands Garden to collect flowers for dye printing onto paper. They will also be making jars of natural material with wool that will solar dye.

Lucy Ackroyd and Lorraine Turner are working with volunteers to go into Belhaven hospital on site. Together with Georgina Bown we plan to work with some of the dementia patients to develop some mono printing inspired by the garden. Georgina will later follow this up by etching the drawings onto metal plates, donated by the local ship builders, to be displayed at the exhibition and then in the Belhaven garden.

Debbie Zawinski will work with the Writing Mum’s children to develop a story of nature told through spinning naturally coloured wool into a circle.

All of our participants are working towards a shared exhibition – to be held at the Bleachingfield Community Centre on 10November.