What If? On-line Exhibition 2020

What If? On-line Exhibition 2020

North Light Arts aims to be a catalyst for change and connection. This urge drives our work that brings people together across ages, art forms and disciplines to share creative energies and experience and to explore connections with our natural and social environments.

Taking a Line’ was our first major programme that brought these themes together in a series of projects and events over the summer of 2010

Having launched the proposal we received enthusiastic responses from artists, creatives, an archaeologist, a geologist in the locality who wanted to  journey with us through time and space to connect the coastline and its geology  with the archaeology of settlements from past events across the landscape. Then we celebrated in the community woodland with nettle soup, fairy trails and artworks displayed in the landscape.

Thousands of people participated in walks, talks, exhibitions, workshops, shared poetry and songs and knitted the harbour.For the people of Dunbar the harbour is fundamental to their sense of place and community. The notion of knitting the harbour swept through the community igniting the imagination and boundless creativity.

The Harbour Trust agreed that the Fishermen’s Store could be used a  focal point and so over the course of 2 weeks children, families, residents and visitors came and went and returned to learn and share skills, have tea and cakes, tell stories and reminisce.

We brought them to the harbour and they made astonishing interpretations of the people who worked there – over 100 people helping to make the fishermen and lifeboat crew, seals and seagulls, the burger van crocheted in bright yellow wool and boats, houses, the castle, all instantly recognisable to the people of the place.

Projects rarely satisfy all expectations but Knitting the Harbour exceeded them all.  The buzz of creativity, companionship and connections across all ages and groups in the community, the sense of place and identity, confidence and pride were palpable.

This was to prove the foundation on which North Light Arts was created.

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please do enjoy our first short film – much more to come over the next few weeks and months: