What if looking forward - Arts of homing | Dalziel+Scullion

What if looking forward – Arts of homing | Dalziel+Scullion

What If?, and looking forward. Over the last few months we have been encouraged to look to the past, at what has and hasn’t worked – for North Light Arts this is an essential process to developing arts that connect people, arts that are a catalyst towards a more creative and aware culture, one that actively tackles environmental sustainability.

Looking back to learn how to move forward was fundamental to the 2018 John Muir Residents, the eminent Scottish artists Dalziel+Scullion. Were so privileged to work with Dalziel+Scullion and that they chose to use the opportunity to develop a very uniquely personal response to the brief, engaging people in an examination of our fundamental relationship with nature. This project continues to connect people to nature and to elicit such a heart-felt response.

Dalziel+Scullion in their own words here on Vimeo. Film by Kevin Greenfield 2018

HOMING | Dalziel+Scullion | John Muir Residency 2018

This project evolved over time, meeting people and walking on the John Muir Way. Dalziel+Scullion’s ambition, to leave as little footprint in the land – was reinforced through the production of their exhibition at Dunbar Town House Gallery and the launch of the accompanying book HOMING. Local people were to spend hours with them, acting as photographic models, they experienced the extreme re-sensitisation of their immediate landscape that oozes from the pages of this beautifully produced book.

Introduction to the Book HOMING by Euan McArthur

Homing in on Home by Euan McArthur


This, sort of guide book to your experience of the countryside, is now available from us £16, just send a message and we’ll get in touch so we can send to you by post. Contact.northlightarts@gmail.com

Ruth Bretherick essentially places the project HOMING in the context of Art History

‘Homing’ by Ruth Bretherick