Message to the Earth | Exhibition

Message to the Earth | Exhibition

Message to the Earth our exhibition 2021. We were so excited to show such talented and thought provoking works, which received some welcome comments from the many people who viewed it from all over the country and beyond.  Each artist asked questions which enhanced the theme of the show, while they also showed their skills and individuality.

Thank you to our invited artist Robert Powell, to Fraser Morton, Susie Lieper, Sarah Bold, Emily Joy, Leonie Mhari and Judy Parrott

Message to the Earth was a postcard project and visitors were eager to take the opportunity to write or draw their thoughts on the show and the climate emergency of which we are all concerned.

Message to the Earth is our annual John Muir Exhibition to be held at Dunbar Town House Gallery throughout September and October 2021.

Invited artists will be Robert Powell with selected environmental works by other artists from across the country from: Judy Parrot, Leonie Mhari, Susie Leiper, Sarah Bold, Frazer Morton and Emily Joy.

Natalie Taylor will involve you in the production of an art work for Cop26. This will also become part of the Pilgrimage that will start in Dunbar on 17th October with a number of special workshops, events and speakers. These will take place across the town in Lauderdale Park for children’s events, a Slow Sensory walk from John muir’s Birthplace, down to the harbour for music and environmental readings along with Natalie Taylors performance, then walk with LED Lights to Belhaven Church Hall for Pilgrims soup and an evening talk.

The exhibition seeks to speak to your inner emotions, raising issues about the ever more evident effects of global warming and the fragility of the earth. We also plan for it to act as a catalyst, to encourage active work towards the sustainability of our locality, of nature and of us and the world we call home.