Blog Post by Natalie Taylor

Blog Post by Natalie Taylor

The First Blog Post by Natalie Taylor

We’ve had two community workshops in Lauderdale Park, Dunbar to make the special soil pockets that will be attached to Keeper of the Soils cape – the first was cyanotype fabric printing of soil creatures.

The follow on workshop was stitching and embroidering detail onto the prints and onto the newly dyed and sewn cape.

Dyeing of the wool to be used for the Keeper of the Soils cape is well underway, working with Kirsty Sutherland –  this beautiful deep red colour is being created using madder.

The first blog: work has started on the Keeper of the Soils cape with pieces being cut out in advance of dyeing with traditional plant dyes on Monday with artist Kirsty Sutherland.


North Light Arts are thrilled to invite our first John Muir Fellow is to be the environmental artists Natalie Taylor, who will work with our community for one year.

The focus of her investigations and community collaborations will be Soil – Is Soil Alive? After all it is the very ground we walk on and rely on for our daily bread. Here she will enter a dialogue with the community with a regular update on the progress of her project.