Naomi Barnes,

The Belhaven Community Garden is a slice of land that runs along side the East coast railway line down to the Belhaven hospital. Since 2012 the task of transforming this old farmed field was taken on by Sustaining Dunbar, it has seen many volunteers flow through to help design and plant and nurture a truly remarkable space.

Growing organically is central to the garden’s ethos as well as providing the communities of Dunbar and Belhaven with a beautiful, therapeutic outdoor learning space. The fruit orchard boasts 120 Scottish heritage apple, plum and pear varieties that are now coming into early maturity.  Volunteers grow food on their plots on the field and produce is donated to local community cooking projects in Dunbar.  Surplus produce is also sold through the Community Carrot on Dunbar’s High St.

Large parts of the field are dedicated to creating varied habitats for wildlife. There’s a young woodland area, a wildflower meadow, a sensory garden and edible hedges that are encouraging the return of many species of insects and birds.  Young and old volunteer at the garden at regular Saturday volunteer sessions. During the week different groups meet there with our Community Gardener and other volunteers.

The continuation of the garden depends on an agreement with the NHS which is renewed on a yearly basis.  Although there is planning permission for housing granted for this site, we are fortunate to have had the NHS’s ongoing support for nearly a decade now.

If you would like to donate a soil and a story to the collection, find out the details here