Dunbar Treasures Workshop

The Solway hoard workshop took place on the 9th May 2024 at Dunbar Town Houses, headed by the artists Coleman and Hodge. The participants were all encouraged to take part in a workshop which had been developed by them in collaboration with Glasgow University.  Groups of two were given cards to help tug at the imagination and resulted in some very inspiring stories about the precious plastic object they were each provided with. These plastic treasures were found on the shore some 1000yrs into the future and will form part of the Dunbar Treasures display. Each story was then read aloud and experienced by the whole group.

Sometimes inspiring, amusing, heart warming and all very different, the stories were taken by the artists and written up to appear on their web site hear: https://museumsofthefuturenow.org/treasures-from-dunbar/

The found plastic exhibits are now displayed and can be seen in the upright display case at Dunbar Town House Museum and Gallery