John Muir Open – In Our Hands

NLA John Muir Open - In Our Hands
NLA John Muir Open - In Our Hands


In Our Hands | was held at Dunbar Town House Gallery | Opening Saturday 27May 2023 and every day 1.00 till 5.00pm
Closing on Sunday 25June 2023 at

Free exhibition and workshops

An exhibition of chosen artists re-imagining the book: displaying their response to the plight of unwanted books and their impact on our environment.

In the beginning was the word.
The invention of the printing press increased literacy and books and they can hold a long social history between their pages. Books can be both informative or thought provoking, they can also be a portal to take you away to another place in time and space.

Unfortunately both traditional and electronically printed books have an environmental impact on the earth.

Where do books go?
Most people have bookcases full of cherished books and publishers have tons of unsold books to dispose of and both can be pulped or end up in landfill, is this sustainable? The most sustainable way of reading is to borrow from a library. People can also be very creative in the way they borrow, setting up book exchanges at busy social hubs, in old phone boxes, buying from second hand bookshops or simply choosing to share with friends.

10 invited artists were asked to highlight the problem of unwanted books – and In their hands they were able to re-imagine the book, resulting in some really ingenious and unique solutions.

5 artists have been preparing special workshops for our community, join us and bring out your creative side.
Workshops booking recommended: