One Touch of Nature…Makes All Kin

Exhibition/Poetry Event : John Muir’s Birthplace
Curated by Susie Goodwin & Amy Winstanley

Conquering Nature Lecture by Ola Wojtkiewicz


The theme and ethos of this open exhibition was inspired by John Muir’s writing and drew together 28 established and emerging contemporary artists and poets from across Scotland and beyond. Drawing & painting, sculpture, film and artists books were installed within the whitewashed stone walls of, what would previously have been John Muir’s garden, individual works, performaces and poetry readings contributing to a burgeoning ecological dialogue embedded in the very fabric of this place, John Muir’s Birthplace in Dunbar.



Artists and Poets: Angus Reid; Agnes Johnstone; Amy Winstanley; Brian Bond & Richard Lewis; Jane Waterhouse; Joanna Waterhouse; Carmen Ambrozevich; Catherine Sargeant; Christine Wylie; Colin Will; Irene Blair; James Page; Judith Rowan; Judy Spark; Juliana Geer; Julie Durkacz; Ken Cockburn; LesleyMay Miller; Maria Doyle; Natalie Taylor; Pat Law; Rita Bradd; Robert Powell & Mhari Baxter; Sara Sinclair; Susie Goodwin and Trevor Parker