Skybound by Rosie Lesso

Skybound was published as part of Walking a line by North Light Arts Press. This participatory project by Rosie Lesso began in 2012 when she was one of the artists in residence in our Beach Hut for the summer programme of events of Northlight, from 30 June – 29 August 2012

East Lothian’s Bass Rock is host to more than 150,000 Northern Gannets: their latin name Morus Bassanus derives from the rock’s name. These are migratory birds that spend most of the winter at sea and much of their lives travelling over water, bound to the sky.

Sky Bound took the notion of migration and flux as a starting point for short creative poetry from all ages. Rosie left a series of Word Boxes in Dunbar in which creative responses were collected.

Beautifully illustrated by Rosie, this pamphlet is the result and is the first by North Light Arts Press.

Skybound is available from MacArthur’s Store at weekends only.


Thank you to Rosie Lesso, for creating such an inspiring and successful project. Thanks also due to all those who spent time considering their responses and heart- felt apologies to those whose poems we were unable to include. Thanks are due also to Susie Goodwin, co- founder of North Light Arts whose light touch will be felt throughout this coming summer.

North Light Arts Press

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