Fifth Birthday Celebration

North Light Arts are pleased to be celebrating the opening of our first ever event which took place on Dunbar High Street 5years ago in June 2009: ‘Home Thoughts’ .

A two week Pop-Up Shop at 82 High St. Curated by 0ur Creative Director Susie Goodwin around 20 contemporary artists and craft makers were involved and participants took part in creative workshops, story telling, poetry and music. All who visited 82 High St. were invited to write their personal home thoughts on a postcard which was then hung from a thread on a clothes airer above the kitchen table. We will be celebrating by posting images hear and on Facebook which capture some on the, art works, participants and special  moments from the last 5years which have made North Light Arts.

Other event have included such as ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’, ‘The Winds Home’, Taking a Line – Through Woodland Glade’, ‘Taking a line – Home’, ‘The Knitted Harbour’, ‘One Touch of Nature’, ‘NorthLight’, ‘McArthur’s Store’, ‘Walking a Line’ and up to date with ‘Mapping the Landscape of John Muir’s Playground’