Homing | John Muir Residency Exhibition

Homing | John Muir Residency Exhibition

Homing by Dalziel + Scullion

North Light Arts have been working with Dalziel + Scullion for the last few months while they have explored the nature of the iconic John Muir Way in East Lothian walking from the ash tips of Musselburgh to the geology rich coastline of Dunbar. .

The artists are creating a new book called HOMING, which they describe as ‘a field guide for reconnecting with nature’. The book contains suggestions and instructions of ways to be in and indeed feel ourselves a part of nature. The exhibition will display works relating to the ideas contained in HOMING. During their project, entitled Homing, they have worked with a number of local specialists and experts including geologists, botanists and countryside rangers to better understand what offer awaits future walkers who chose to investigate the John Muir Way. The artists have also worked with traditional craft workers whose activities reflect both the narratives and folklore that is tethered to our landscapes.   

Local people also kindly volunteered to be their models for three days on various photo shoots in the landscape: The resulting sensory images will be displayed in large scale photography at the exhibition.

This exhibition demonstrates how simple, practical acts can lift the blinkers of habitual or goal-driven behaviour and expand the sensory world. Homing is organised with action words like ‘Seeing’, ‘Hearing’ and ‘Collecting’. This approach intensifies the connection with nature as a value in itself, as a goal that John Muir would have understood.”

Opening on 19May in Dunbar Town House and throughout June 2018