Dalziel+Scullion Book Launch and Artists Talk

Dalziel+Scullion Book Launch and Artists Talk


UPDATE: HOMING by Dalziel+Scullion is now available at John Muir’s Birthplace High St Dunbar  EH42 1JJ

Dalziel+Scullion have been the John Muir Artists in Residence working with North Light Arts over the last nine months and resulting in the exhibition and also the book of the same name HOMING. Saturday 23June will see them return to Dunbar to launch their publication and host a conversation about their process for this project.

North Light Arts gave them a brief that was to engage people with the nature of the John Muir Way and to further the philosophies of John Muir. We also asked that their work should leave a legacy that would continue their environmental message into the future.

They will discuss how their thinking went through a number of stages, influenced by their walking the John Muir Way from Musselburgh to Dunbar on a number of occasions, along the specialists and knowledgeable local inhabitants whom they met along the way. Their are a number of resulting multiples that are for sale in the exhibition such as the walking tick badges and the photographic cards that were designed as a result.

After Matthew and Louise walked the way and spent time in Dunbar in the spring their ideas formed to create a book a publication that would engage people in their local environment in a way which would help to take them back to their childhood, to show very simply how to re-connect to nature. The exhibition and the book called HOMING would be be a sort of field guide to walking the John Muir Way. There were six sections to both the exhibition and the book and explored the senses through their trademark photography, some of which included images of local people whom we had organised to work with Matthew on location on the John Muir Way.

The book is full of Mathew’s amazing photography which beautifully illustrates the six sections of the work. It is a wonderful legacy of the project which we hope will inspire many people to connect or re-connect with nature for years to come, in the way of that great environmentalist John Muir.